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Our decades of manufacturing experience guide and inform SolSemUSA's expertise in ERP, MES and FIS. Boosting your productivity through actionable data is our mission


Because every manufacturing tool and method is unique and processes change constantly, FactoryPRO's flexibility extends and adapts, fully supporting your changing dynamic setting.

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Service excellence is what you expect. We deliver via our unparalleled domain and technology experience. We have a passionate commitment to service.



FactoryPRO  is a Complete Manufacturing Management and Factory Information System (FIS)

FactoryPRO  provides a 360° view of your firm's entire manufacturing process. As an MES or manufacturing execution system, it provides thorough manufacturing management. The comprehensive factory information system inside FactoryPRO implements full control of the processes and products in production across the shop floor. FIS data enables your company to establish traceability, manage inventory, reduce waste and scrap and cut costs. The result is higher productivity. BONUS: Expect a sharp reduction in downtime through FactoryPRO's  powerful operating modules.
  • Our Vision: Your High Productivity Success
  • Standardize: FactoryPRO  establishes a unified cloud-based platform utilizing centrally-managed master data.
  • Connect: You'll achieve a common communication foundation for seamless operations.
  • Control: We're Iot ready. With or without Iot on your production lines, expect full control for production and design. You'll achieve rapid reduction in production defects.
  • Continuous Process Improvement: Everyone claims it. FactoryPRO  demonstrably enables built-in ongoing process improvement across the factory.
  • Accelerate: Via FactoryPRO,  you'll leverage factory information in three key ways: acceleration of product delivery (time-to-market); optimization of the incoming supply chain; and much improved quality. As your staff gains experience, you'll also realize benefits from human creativity.
  • FactoryPRO Visualization and Dashboards – We've crafted a human interface that is intuitive and friendly. Compatible with any browser running on popular platforms (Windows, IOS, Android and Linux), you'll visualize and control production processes on dashboards customized to your needs and fuelled by our built-in FIS.

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FactoryPRO – Shop Floor Inventory Tracking (MES) Drives Traceability

The Shop Floor Inventory Tracking function delivers real-time visibility to all production processes. This includes traceability, work-in-progress (WIP) levels, production statistics and yields. As a factory information system, this function provides the critical data that drives continuous improvement.

  • WIP Levels for every process
  • Part/component genealogy
  • Fully customizable production reports
  • Yield and defect monitoring and reporting
  • Product containment and release for efficient production control

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FactoryPRO - Statistical Process Control (SPC) Quickly Detects Problems

The SPC function brings high visibility to process variability and ensures early detection of process related issues. FactoryPRO thus arms companies to prevent the problems that negatively impact production. FactoryPRO SPC provides:

  • Average, Range and STD data
  • Off-the-shelf SPC Rules
  • OOC Alerts
  • Containment
  • Role based management control limits and spec limits
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FactoryPRO – Equipment Tracking Facilitates Timely Maintenance

Maintenance costs can destroy profits. FactoryPRO's equipment tracking function is a highly effective software tool that reduces maintenance costs as it improves uptime.

  • Equipment state changes are monitored and reported
  • Availability or uptime is calculated and monitored
  • Scheduled and unscheduled downtime is fully tracked for remedial action
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly reports with full customization
  • Preventive maintenance calendar includes customizable alerts for the dashboard, e-mail and SMS messaging to responsible personnel
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SolSemUSA Document Management System (DMS) Provides Ideal Tracking and Migration to E-Docs

The world continues to migrate to the full digital concept of Industry 4.0. Our Document Management System produces both paper and digital output (E-Docs). DMS tracks the complete lifecycle of documents from initiation through revisions to final archiving of expired documents.

DMS delivers powerful features through a configurable approval workflow engine. It includes version tracking and revision control. Apart from serving as a tracking tool for regulatory compliance, DMS enables easy access to every document with a click of a button. DMS includes an intuitive framework. Ultimately, SolSemUSA's DMS will reduce the volume of operational paper as it improves comprehension in an all-digital Industry 4.0 world

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SolSemUSA Sales & Operations Demand Planner Builds End-to-End Data for Improved Management

The Sales & Operation Demand Planner is a unique and helpful program that improves productivity. It enables companies to integrate important data well beyond the factory floor. By knowing and understanding sales and operations data, the Sales & Operations Demand Planner facilitates a decision making process to balance demand with supply.

Will you need "just in time" component delivery? The planner is how you arrange and achieve it. You'll align volume and mix, and then integrate financial and operating plans. The Sales & Operations Demand Planner will increase the collaboration and integration between demand and supply to synchronize inventory, service and asset utilization across the organization.

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Our customers span a wide and growing variety of manufacturing industries. Here's a quick look at clients who are leveraging SolSemUSA solutions to take control and achieve operational excellence:


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