Calibration Management System


FactoryPRO – Calibration Management System

For Existing Devices

  • Record device details on the controlled equipment log
  • Alert device from use before calibration due date
  • Provide info on calibration to be done in-house or by an external supplier
  • Calibration label showing the dates
  • Update the calibration records
  • For New Devices

  • Device purpose and description
  • Allocate identification/asset number
  • Record the device as a controlled equipment
  • Specify calibration dates (frequency)
  • Verify device performance with calibration
  • Calibration label with dates
  • Record the device calibration log
  • Traceability Records: Each instrument is through documented records

  • Device Identification number
  • Device Manufacturer and model
  • Frequency of calibration
  • Reference standards used
  • Calibration certificates and calibration findings
  • Correction actions be taken in case of unsatisfactory results
  • In summary, FactoryPRO application enables the following goals:

  • Master list of tools that need calibration
  • Follow industry standard for calibration
  • Establish procedures on how to use the tools
  • Establish calibration steps
  • Maintain Calibration history
  • Automatically schedule re-calibration due dates