Boda’s View

Anxious Manufacturers are
Living in Important Times

By Boda Rao, Founder & CEO,

These are important and interesting times, for sure. Worrisome times, too. If your manufacturing processes can’t be described  using acronyms like MES, FIS, ERP, SPC, WIP, IoT, 4IR and perhaps another dozen, a vague sense of anxiety might occupy your mind as you work through the day. Know this: my job through this blog is to ease your anxiety. In the process, I hope to guide you to higher efficiency, improved return on investment and increased competitiveness for your manufacturing operations. Please wish me luck.

My name is Boda Rao. This is the first time I’ve written a blog episode. Like any first-timer, I’m hoping there’s a second time. And a third time and so on. I want you to welcome my blogs. You can sign up for more episodes at the end of this one.

I’m the founder and CEO of a small Silicon Valley firm named SolSemUSA.  My company is located in Milpitas, just minutes from thousands of startups to extremely large manufacturers, one of the highest concentrations on earth. My three+ decade background is centered on manufacturing and finance.

SolSemUSA is a software solution provider to SMB manufacturers. Our firm has a singular mission: excellence in manufacturing. We provide Information Technology solutions enabling businesses to continually improve their manufacturing operations and stay competitive. I’m talking well-developed software – five-star software — that quickly adds those acronyms to your business operations as it swiftly improves your bottom line… by a lot.

Unless you just woke from a Rip Van Winkle experience, you’ve been hearing a lot about the fourth industrial revolution as well as the industrial internet of things (IIoT). Much of what you are hearing is coming from the realm of large manufacturers. The Boeing’s, GM’s, Intel’s and GE’s. But not “XYZ Solar” or “ABC Fabless Semi” or “MNO PC Boards.”

SolSemUSA LogoSolSemUSA is talking to you, XYZ, ABC and MNO. Small and medium size factories are our mission objective. Factories that produce high-value products for quality-driven markets are my blogging objective. You know who you are. You cannot afford the five- and six-figure commercial ERP, MES and supply chain management products that give the big boys much promoted manufacturing efficiency and competitive leverage.

Good surprise: Now you can afford it and that’s my message. You can achieve optimum efficiency and competitive advantage just like Intel or GE, without the price tag. How? Implementing FactoryPRO, our flagship solution, is how you achieve Intel’s level of efficiency and ROI. Our highly affordable manufacturing management software delivers big league benefits to the SMB. At last!

I know you are curious. Here are some of the key features and benefits I’ll be addressing. Keep in mind that I’ll be describing a well-developed software system implemented on secure cloud-based servers. You exercise the software on any platform from desktop to laptop to tablet to smartphone:

  • End-to-end manufacturing management
  • Visual dashboards for real-time decisions and instant status
  • Balancing production equipment maintenance
  • Work-in-progress tracking
  • Lean production inventory / internal supply chain / purchasing management
  • Statistical process control
  • Defect detection / reduction
  • Supply chain, customer response and enterprise resource integration
  • Sales and work order management
  • Documentation management

Going forward, I’m going to reveal the FactoryPRO story in short blog episodes, about one or two per month. I’ll focus on actualities and use liberal metaphors to help you visualize. And, I plan to take and answer questions. Just as the globe’s manufacturing giants install, operate and rely on ERP, MES and FIS suites from software leaders like Oracle, SAP, IBM and others, smaller firms can achieve parallel results with affordable FactoryPRO.

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