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Manufacturing execution system's secure cloud provides high visibility, manages real-time process interaction, inventory management, cost and waste reduction


No industry faces more standards and compliance issues than medical device manufacturing. Challenged by liability insurance requirements on top of FDA regulations, device makers know that patient safety is paramount. Hence, it is critical for medical device makers to employ best-of-breed manufacturing execution software.

Think about the issues. Here's what device makers faced before highly effective software solutions came on the scene:

  • Difficulty tracking standards compliance
  • Limited visibility into real-time operations
  • Need for exhaustive testing to certify production output
  • Lack of documented traceability
  • Unexpected downtime due to [lack of] timely equipment maintenance
  • Reduced efficiency due to scheduling and supply conflicts
  • Increased level of rework from quality fails and customer returns
  • High level of waste

FactoryPRO  software: the path to lean manufacturing and full compliance

Our best-in-breed answer to these issues is FactoryPRO. FP is superbly executed manufacturing management software refined through pragmatic use. Customized to specific production needs by SolSemUSA's engineering team, FP is securely installed "in the cloud" for use on virtually any platform in the factory with browser capabilities. Platforms include desktop and laptop computers, tablets, 2-in-one's, even smart phones in the factory domain. These platforms may run on Windows, Linux or IoS.

Pulling the camera back for a wider view, MES software like FP helps manufacturers achieve the full benefits of a long-term digital evolution, sometimes called Industry 4.0. It's an inevitable evolution because Industry 4.0 promises, simultaneously, the lowest possible production costs and highest product quality.

FactoryPRO users enjoy customized access control tied specifically to their roles. FP's dashboard presents role-unique views with specific data enablement. Overall, FP presents a 360° view of all manufacturing operations. With SolSemUSA's hands-on training and support, device manufactures quickly achieve a well-oiled operation with the following highly desirable capabilities:

  • Improved visibility, flexibility and responsiveness. FP  implements an all-digital data rich environment for processes, supplies and inventory, equipment maintenance, documentation, production specifications, instant work-in-progress views and regulatory requirements.
  • Risk mitigation Instant data views enable actionable information retrieval for limiting the scope of a quality control issue. Customers achieve the ability to quickly solve issues, thus preventing shipment of questionable devices.
  • Continuous product improvement Immediate access to data yields fast responses. Often, lack of timely equipment maintenance will cause out-of-spec quality issues. FP's capital equipment module forestalls this.
  • Statistical Process Control. SPC is data hungry. Properly implemented for high volume production settings, SPC in real time, using industry-standard Western Electric rules, works in coordination with a built-in containment engine. Liability is reduced as customers applaud the products they receive.
  • Factory automation / robotics driver. Again, real time digital data is needed by automated processes. By linking MES to robotics software, customers achieve optimum results.
  • Perfect preventive maintenance and real time alerts. FP implements a data rich environment to enable maintenance scheduling per vendor requirements, and monitors equipment status, seeking out-of-range operational data. MTBF tracking is both assured and instantly useful to keep operations smooth and error-free. FP's real time alerts inside our factory domain dashboard and email engine provide 24/7/365 coverage.

For medical device makers, FactoryPRO  is run in the cloud on secure servers. A chief benefit not mentioned above is the IT bonus: companies that employ MES software need far less IT support for production processes. Learn more here


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