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Helping customers improve business operations via best-in-class infrastructure management practices is a core offering at SolSemUSA. With more than a dozen years of experience and even longer corporate memory among our workforce, our methods are tested by time and evidence-based practices. We help small and medium companies in the following areas:

  • Strategic Planning across the enterprise
  • Internal business architecture development tuned to your specific operations
  • System consulting for deep integration to the digital opportunities of "Industry 4.0"
  • Precise human resource consulting and contract staffing services
  • Data center IT services including managed services to mitigate the burden of day-to-day support
  • Ramp-up for cloud-delivered enterprise and manufacturing management via ERP, MES and FIS (manufacturing execution systems and factory information systems).
  • Installation, training and ongoing support for SolSemUSA's FactoryPRO  software

If acronyms like ERP, SaaS, IoT, MES and FIS are not already key operational functions in your organization, we are a great consulting choice to help you get there quickly. Whether you are just now beginning to recognize the long-term evolutionary value of digital data across your enterprise – or are already on board in whole or part – our digital knowledge and market savvy is among the most robust. We love to partner with firms who want to achieve optimum operational efficiency and lower costs for higher competitiveness.

SolSemUSA's professional IT services team delivers consistent results through reliable and repeatable best practices. Our methods are time-tested and proven. We customize our services to meet each client's specific requirements. Our services are tendered with the utmost professionalism, efficiency and cost effectiveness. Service is our favorite product!


System administration tasks include:

  • Security control such as passwords management
  • Basic shared folder creation with associated permission management
  • Creating and removing users
  • Printer management across workstations and portable hardware
  • Software update administration
  • Individualized training

SolSemUSA utilizes a monitoring system designed to track the availability and performance of critical networking components, including designated servers, and managed networking gear (e.g. routers, firewalls, managed switches, etc.). An informative dashboard reports statuses.

SolSemUSA utilizes a system that monitors Microsoft operating system patch levels of known systems that run approved operating systems and are connected to the network. We also monitor and manage patch levels of Microsoft Office applications, and certain critical Microsoft backoffice server-based applications such as Exchange, SQL Server and others.

Systems or end-user problems are handled in the most appropriate and expedient manner by our experienced product, service, and preventative maintenance teams. Customers are able to submit tickets into our web-based ticket portal, send an email, call to speak with a live support representative, or leverage our on-call service for emergencies. Going forward, we plan to implement rapid chat services including mobile devices.

With SolSemUSA's Remote Database Administration services, we'll help you manage and improve Oracle, MySQL, and Microsoft SQL Server performance and reliability, security, and ensure proper backup and recovery.


  • Experience

    In our 12+ years, SolSemUSA has built a strong network of internal and consulting engineers considered to be among the globe's best. We are able to swiftly identify the right talent for any customer need and issue. We have demonstrated the ability to work flexibly with our clients. We are able to assign resources when and where needed, quickly.

  • Cost

    Major part of SolSemUSA's full-time employees is technical and thereby reducing overheads. Benefit of lower overhead costs is passed on to customers.

  • Efficient

    SolSemUSA's streamlined operations result in low overhead. This gives us a competitive advantage when meeting our client's target rate objectives, evolving skill-set needs and aggressive timelines.

  • Timely

    We do not require IT hiring managers to write up formal job descriptions. We understand our client's technical requirements and can therefore save abundant managerial time for requisitions.

  • Flexible

    Based on our deep experience resume, SolSemUSA may be contracted across multiple IT disciplines, providing a sole source procurement solution.


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