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Manufacturing Management with FactoryPRO

Data is the new king for efficient manufacturing operations. Staying truly competitive for the long haul means digital data, lots of it at the right time and place. Data that enables advanced production techniques and provides thorough checks and balances on critical component inventories, supply imbalances, shifting demand and production equipment status and health.

Critical data and endless monitoring! Or, as we like to say at SolSemUSA, FactoryPRO. Our entire delivery system is in the cloud, working seamlessly with popular computing platforms via industry-standard browser technology. Some of your production staff may be using iPads, Macs, even iPhones. Others are working on Windows desktops, laptops and tablets. Still others are using Android or Linux. And all of them will comfortably embrace FactoryPRO.

FactoryPRO is a platform-independent manufacturing execution system. We present it as an active manufacturing management system that delivers a 360° real-time dynamic view of the entire manufacturing process. Companies gain and maintain full control over their processes and products in production across the factory and shop floor. FactoryPRO  reduces waste, scrap, costs and inventory surpluses as it also cuts downtime through several powerful modules.

FactoryPRO  Shop Floor Inventory Tracking (MES)

As the name suggests, FactoryPRO Shop Floor Inventory Tracking  is a work-in-progress (WIP) management module for tracking and managing shop floor inventory and work orders. The module's chief tracking and control virtue is the on-time fulfilment of sales orders.

The module actively manages the flow of production units via data that represents job orders/work orders, batches, lots and units. It dispatches components for processing per routes or work flows. And it provides the real-time ability to alter planned routes and work flows on the floor to deal with external factors transportation issues (both inbound and outbound).

You'll take control of your factory; rework the processes, track inventory and the volume of work in process at any point with FactoryPRO's  shop floor inventory tracking.




  • Traceability – Track movement of materials on the shop floor as they are being processed
  • Keep a tight control on WIP inventory and reduce wastage
  • Track raw materials, semi-finished and finished goods
  • Monitor losses and yield variations and thereby minimize wastage levels
  • Stock accuracy – implement better control of inventory at a lot level
  • Visibility – see exactly where all WIP inventory at any point in time
  • Quality - properly manage isolations and releases

FactoryPRO  Equipment Tracking

In today's capital-intensive production environments, tracking equipment performance and scheduled maintenance is absolutely critical for improving yields and meeting production schedules. There is a double-edge sword facing the problem: equipment failures often produce a lot of costly waste and scrap; and time-to-repair has a big impact on delivery schedules.

The best practice, of course, is to avoid capital equipment downtime. FactoryPRO  Equipment Tracking includes a rich set of tools for tracking equipment performance and maintenance. You'll banish downtime. The software includes a comprehensive preventative maintenance calendar with extensive help support to enable production staff to achieve optimal use of manufacturing equipment.

Equipment Tracking Advantages
  • Equipment Status: The software provides real-time visibility of equipment status for all of the tools on the shop-floor.
  • Tracks Equipment State Changes: The software has a built-in workflow engine and alerts equipment technicians and engineers when equipment requires their attention. It also displays the current state of equipment while the equipment is in a maintenance cycle.
  • Compliance with Standards: The software supports E10/E58 standards and allows configuring additional custom states relevant to any particular factory.
  • PM Calendar: It gives the ability to configure daily/weekly/bi-weekly/monthly/quarterly preventive maintenance schedules. Supports BOMs.
  • Reports: The software comes with a variety of reports including uptime trend charts, KPIs for equipment performance, etc.

FactoryPRO  Statistical Process Control (SPC)


FactoryPRO's powerful Statistical Process Control (SPC) Module brings high visibility to process variability. The module ensures early detection of process-related issues to prevent them before they impact the quality of production.

FactoryPRO's SPC delivers a rich set of features including an extensive suite of tools to monitor process, support and extend rules. Users reduce or eliminate issues leading to quality problems. The system provides SPC data in real-time to the right people, thus enabling critical focus to improve product quality while reducing process variations.

SPC Features
  • The SPC module's real-time Control and Trend charts and Quick Inspection features give operators dynamic visual insight into process variances
  • FactoryPRO enables data collection using measurement gauges and devices.
  • Visual color coding and audible warnings are employed for measurements that are outside the control range
  • FactoryPRO's SPC module manages control and specification limits and continuously monitors process variability. The architecture supports secure access to manage limits by each respective process owner.


SPC Advantages
  • SPC Rules: Out of the box (so to speak – the product is in the cloud) the software includes a very powerful Rules Engine (supports Western Electric rules). Process owners have the ability to associate one or more rules to particular process parameters to monitor OOC situations.
  • Alerts: The software has a built-in alert mechanism that enables process owners or administrators to configure alerts whenever a process reaches an out-of-control (OOC) state. The tool has flexibility to set up alerts to monitor one or more parameters at one or more processes.
  • Auto Containment: Tight integration with shop-floor Inventory tracking provides the ability to hold parts whenever a process goes OOC for one or more parameters. Process owners then have an opportunity to review the held parts and take appropriate action (release or take a corrective action).
  • Signal to production tool: The software has the ability to send a signal to production equipment whenever a process is OOC. If the production tool is capable of receiving and interpreting the signal, the tool can auto shutdown or divert parts to other production tools in an automated production environment.
  • Reports: The software includes control charts and provides meaningful metrics such as X-bar, Range, STD, CPK, etc. The report provides user flexibility to select date range, tool, process, etc.

FactoryPRO  Purchase Management

The FactoryPRO  Purchase management module streamlines procurement of raw materials and components. The module includes both purchase requests (PRs) and purchase orders (POs). This module is tightly integrated with inventory management and shop-floor inventory tracking modules.

PRs are initiated by a user to advise the purchasing department that components need to be ordered. The document includes quantity and timeframe. POs on the other hand are documents sent by an authorized buyer to a bona-fide seller, indicating components, quantities, and agreed prices for products or services. The PO is used to contractually control the purchasing of products and services from external suppliers. Normally, both PRs and POs follow a rigid approval process that supports management, tracking and cost control.

FactoryPRO's  Purchase Management provides simple and easy-to-use interfaces for creating and tracking both PRs and POs. The system delivers built-in configurable approval workflows to suit any company's needs.


FactoryPRO  Sales Orders and Work Orders

A Sales Order (SO) is typically a confirmation document sent to a customer before delivering finished goods to them. Each SO is created once the quote is accepted by a prospective customer and the PO is sent by them.

A Work Order (WO) is converted from a sales order. It initiates the production effort to manufacture of the products requested by a customer against a sales order. For products already in stock, FactoryPRO employs inventory management to pick and ship the order.

FactoryPRO SOs and WOs help companies track sales orders and control production work from inception to fulfilment. The system tracks every stage of fulfilment including partial shipments and delays.


FactoryPRO  Inventory Management

Inventory management (IM) supervises the flow of goods from manufacturers to warehouses and from warehouses to the point of sale. IM keeps track of inventory and ensures availability of items as they are needed. IM is responsive to components and parts in production as well as sales.

Inventory Management Features
  • Purchase Request and Purchase Order
  • Incoming Material Inspection
  • Inventory Location
  • Inventory Aging
  • Low stock Alert
  • Dispatching
  • Returns


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