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SolSemUSA's DNA is visible in our products and services, our cultural approaches to business, our professionalism guided by best practices, and our strong tendency to treat clients and employees alike as our chief assets. In this view, human capital is paramount: we have many of the best professionals in the fields we serve. With clients across a wide variety of industries, here are several short studies of our partnering. These clients have leveraged our solutions to take control of their journey to operational excellence.


Before looking at these cases, we think it's important to understand our approach, embodied most notably in FactoryPRO. This is the path to lean manufacturing and long-term evolution of any company's manufacturing processes. FactoryPRO is installed "in the cloud" for use on virtually any browser-enabled platform in the factory. Platforms include desktop and laptop computers, tablets, 2-in-one's, and even smartphones in the factory domain. These platforms may run on Windows, Linux or IoS.

Pulling the camera back for a wider view, MES software like FP helps manufacturers achieve the full benefits of a long-term digital evolution in the spirit of the fourth industrial revolution or Industry 4.0. It's an inevitable evolution because Industry 4.0 promises, simultaneously, the lowest possible production costs and highest product quality.

FactoryPRO  supports role-based access to different modules/screens. It presents a 360° view of all manufacturing operations. With SolSemUSA's hands-on training and support, manufacturers quickly achieve a well-oiled operation with the following highly desirable capabilities:

  • Improved visibility, flexibility and responsiveness. FP  implements an all-digital data rich environment for processes, supplies and inventory, equipment maintenance, documentation, production specifications, instant work-in-progress views and regulatory requirements.
  • Risk mitigation. Instant data views enable actionable information retrieval for limiting the scope of a quality control issue. Customers achieve the ability to quickly solve issues, thus preventing shipment of questionable devices.
  • Continuous product improvement. Immediate access to data yields fast responses. Often, lack of timely equipment maintenance will cause out-of-spec quality issues. FP's  capital equipment module forestalls this.
  • Statistical Process Control. SPC is data hungry. Properly implemented for high volume production settings, SPC in real time, using industry-standard Western Electric rules, becomes a containment engine for compliant products. Liability is reduced as customers applaud the products they receive.
  • Factory automation / robotics driver. Again, real time digital data is needed by automated processes. By linking MES to robotics software, customers achieve optimum results.
  • Perfect preventive maintenance and real time alerts. FP implements a data rich environment to enable maintenance scheduling per vendor requirements, and monitors equipment status, seeking out-of-range operational data. MTBF tracking is both assured and instantly useful to keep operations smooth and error-free. FP's real time alerts inside our factory domain dashboard and email engine provide 24/7/365 coverage.

In one way or another, these capabilities are embodied in the short case stories that follow.

TE named a 2016 World's Most Ethical Company

For the second consecutive year, the Ethisphere Institute has recognized TE's commitment to ethical business standards and practices.

TE Connectivity Ltd. designs and manufactures connectivity and sensor solutions for a variety of industries including automotive, industrial equipment, data communication systems, aerospace, defense, oil and gas, consumer electronics, energy and subsea communications. The company serves customers in more than 150 countries.

S&OP was designed to monitor and improve TE connectivity sales and operations planning which mainly focuses on comprehensive sales and operations planning solution which helps monitoring and improving their S&OP process. Demand management module is a flexible, customizable system that acts as platform to manage demand consensus forecast driving supply chain management, sales and production plans.


Disk Drive Leader Seagate Technology Gets Hard Drive Defect Mapping Solution to Improve Manufacturing and Product Quality

Seagate is the global leader in data storage solutions, developing amazing products that enable people and businesses around the world to create, share and preserve their most critical memories and business data.

Over the years the amount of information stored has grown from megabytes all the way to geopbytes, confirming the need to successfully store and access huge amounts of data. As demand for storage technology grows the need for greater efficiency and more advanced capabilities continues to evolve.

SolSemUSA provided solution which can trace defects on data disk and classify them into different types of defects aiding engineers to take corrective actions. Digital images are used to understand defects and take actions to control those defects.

dpiX, LLC

dpiX is the global leader in a-Si technology, focusing on top quality research, engineering, development, and high volume manufacturing. dpiX digital sensor technology provides the foundation for some of today's most innovative solutions in medical, industrial, military and security X-ray imaging.

SolSemUSA provides IT staff augmentation for manufacturing and business applications support and development in the areas specific to MES, SPC, SharePoint Dashboards, Data Warehouse and Microsoft Dynamics AX.


Solexel - Use FactoryPRO for High Performance Commercial and Light-weight Industrial Solar

With an initial interest in work-in-progress tracking, Solexel came to SolSemUSA to implement FactoryPRO software for higher yields and improved ROI in the hotly competitive solar panel market. With our professional encouragement, the company extended FactoryPRO beyond WIP to monitor and manage wide-ranging manufacturing processes and to track capital equipment, achieving ideal maintenance for a sharp reduction in downtime.

In stealth mode and largely unknown, Solexel acquired venture capital for its proprietary mono-crystalline thin film silicon technology.

Twin Creeks technologies

California- and Mississippi-based Twin Creeks technologies came to SolSemUSA for MES help. We applied an early version of FactoryPRO  to a wide range of production processes, including:

  • Manufacturing administration
  • Work-in-progress management
  • Capital equipment tracking and maintenance
  • Tool monitoring and maintenance
  • Statistical process control (SPC)

These processes lie at the core of FactoryPRO's benefits, all of which lead to higher productivity, sharply reduced downtime and much improved ROI.


SolSemUSA's ability to customize the manufacturing execution suite for essentially any production operation fabricating high-value high volume products stands out as a chief attractant for new clients.

Another lesson that benefits clients is the communications transparency. Used standalone or in combination with an enterprise resource planning (ERP) suite and/or a highly robotic factory automation system, FactoryPRO provides the lynchpin solution to achieve Industry 4.0. This ability offers unparalleled support for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), where production processes festooned with sensors literally impart manufacturing management to the actual products. It's a quick-changing world out there, and FactoryPRO  is holding the door open.

Looking at these cases and thinking about the issues facing manufacturers, what have we learned? In our highly regulated environment, all industries have standards and compliance requirements. And every client we talk with has complex issues like these:

  • Difficulty tracking standards compliance
  • Limited visibility into real-time operations
  • Need for exhaustive testing to certify production output
  • Lack of documented traceability
  • Unexpected downtime due to [lack of] timely equipment maintenance
  • Reduced efficiency due to scheduling and supply conflicts
  • Increased level of rework from quality fails and customer returns
  • High level of waste

Affordable FactoryPRO may be the best answer for your operations. Jump to our Contact page to get the ball rolling, or try our Demo page to set up a robust guided demonstration that factors in your unique needs.


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