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Decisions that Create Resources

A spark, a creative idea in the mind of our founder, Boda Rao, led to creation of SolSemUSA. With more than three decades of industry experience in progressive roles, Boda enjoyed the challenge of working many years for world-class manufacturers that continuously sought improved production methods leveraging information technology. The experience became the bedrock on which our company was built.

Here's the backstory: Driven by relentless competition, Boda led a team that helped the F500 firm create and exploit digital factory information to achieve exceptionally low IT costs. Simultaneously, the company continuously improved product design and production processes. Cutting waste, managing inventories for lean status, and achieving agile capabilities through highly effective management of capital equipment including maintenance were allied endeavors.

The chief component for this effort is data. Ours is a world where data-driven digital transformation is impacting businesses of all sizes – not just the resource-fueled F500. Smaller firms no longer need to watch with envy as the globe's giants engage their economies of scale to implement ERP, MES, IIoT, robotics and industrial automation to wring the last percentage of efficiency out of manufacturing and logistics.

Digital transformation is the profound and accelerating transformation of business activities, processes,
competencies and models to fully leverage the changes and opportunities of digital technologies and their impact
across society in a strategic and prioritized way, with present and future shifts in mind.

Trade magazines often apply the label Industry 4.0 to the digital transformation of manufacturing. SolSemUSA simply calls it FactoryPRO. Boda's original spark mandated affordability by SMB manufacturers for whom competitiveness is not an option. Companies do not have to be in the F500 to afford FactoryPRO.

SolSemUSA was founded by a team of professionals with deep experience in factory operations and information technology. Long before it was feasible to develop and deploy visualization and real-time management software for factory operations, our team recognized the inevitability. Real-time digital data, visual and actionable in our increasingly mobile world, is the key for making objective decisions.

"It is no longer resources that limit decisions, but decisions that create resources"

Every production machine generates data. Sales and work orders provide scheduling and specification data for enterprise resource management. Industrial automation and robotics rely on data and create copious amounts of it. Computer-aided human resource relies on and creates data. Manufacturing and marketing documentation is derived from data. Even weather impacting inbound and outbound logistics to and from the factory generates data. And the nascent sensor-driven industrial internet of things promises to multiply useful data… by a lot.

What if the products in production inform the system in real time of their progress, health and status? What if the machines and robots do the same? At SolSemUSA, our aim is to leverage data far, far beyond Excel spreadsheets and checklists. We do it via software and services that use informed decisions to run manufacturing operations.

SolSemUSA provides complete manufacturing operations management software for companies in many industrial segments, notably solar cells/panels, semiconductors including fabless, printed circuit boards and medical devices.

The secure cloud is our delivery method for FactoryPRO. Our software and services optimize production-floor activities by providing a 360-degree view of manufacturing operations on a wide variety of fixed and mobile computing platforms. FactoryPRO  enables management to continuously enhance operations for the best possible ROI.

Our Vision: Your Success via Digital Transformation

Focused on customer success, we strive to be the most responsive and trusted partner to small and medium manufacturers. We deliver innovative information technology solutions and services in our digitally transformative world. We enable continuous improvement of business processes, driving competitiveness and achieving optimal ROI.


Our Mission: Adding Substantial Value

We partner with customers to add value to the bottom line. We do each of these things:

  • We study thoroughly to understand each customer's business ecosystem and objectives
  • We meet our commitments on time and every time with clear communications
  • We deliver quality products and services
  • We strive relentlessly to improve customer delight

Our Core Values: You'll Want to do Business with Us

  • Excellence – proactive, transparent, precise, predictable. And we communicate clearly about everything we do
  • Teamwork and Collaboration – Working in tandem and fostering teamwork with professionalism, trust, openness, shared culture and earning respect by virtue of our actions
  • Honesty and Integrity – Abiding by the highest code of business principles and ethics; being honest to oneself
  • Accountability and Ownership – Understanding our duties and taking complete responsibility for our actions and commitments towards agreed goals
  • Learning – Being thirsty for knowledge and applying the knowledge for continuous improvement personally, professionally and socially

Quality Policy: We are committed to customer success through continual improvement of


  • Our people
  • Our processes
  • Our technology
  • Our quality framework


Our Leadership

Boda Rao, Founder and CEO

With more than 3 decades of industry experience, Boda Rao offers a curriculum vitae rich in technology management, information technology development and manufacturing software. Boda graduated in Engineering from Jamshedpur, India. He has deep experience in software development backed by pragmatic hands-on engineering experience with Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, Informix and other database-centric ERP and MES suites.

As founder and CEO at SolSemUSA, Boda is in the endless process of realizing his mid-career brainstorm: developing modular manufacturing software for small-to-medium size companies. Generally large manufacturers spend six-figures to acquire ERP and MES suites; leave alone recurring support costs. SolSemUSA offers comparable software on a low-cost subscription model to small and medium companies.

As the chief developer and architect behind SolSemUSA's FactoryPRO MES/FIS suite, Boda's industry experience is put to work in FactoryPRO. He is assisted by a team of advisors with rich experience in different aspects of manufacturing management. He has built a fast-reaction team of IT-centric manufacturing engineers to help guide customers as they implement FactoryPRO on a wide variety of platforms running securely in the cloud. Asked about the influences behind the structure, features and capabilities of FactoryPRO, Boda cites his passion to provide affordable software to small manufacturing firms. He understands amounts large companies budget to run factory management software as he was in roles both as a consumer of software and as a leader of teams developing the software – Boda headed Manufacturing and IT in a large solar and module manufacturing company. Prior to this role, he was Sr Director leading Manufacturing IT for one of divisions of Seagate Technology. He was in different roles in equipment maintenance and finance in large corporations before his Seagate stint.

Boda frequently cites the accelerating digital transformation of manufacturing as the key for his passion. "We are witnessing the 4th Industrial Revolution," he claims, "where man and machine are achieving optimum integration. Companies need to strive for highest possible product quality at the lowest possible manufacturing cost in order to remain competitive. This objective mandates factory management to rely on data for their decisions and on manufacturing management software to provide reliable data for the decision making process."


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